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CDAA Rising: #net2chi meetup (April 12, 2011)

Still waters run deep! The CDAA is formulating a strategy for building a better Chicago together. Join us at the #net2chi meetup on April 12 as we discuss what's coming up for the CDAA and our proposal for a Chicago Revival grounded in Open Stewardship.

The CDAA: Right Here, All The Time.

We’re back (so some would say)! But the news is, we never went away, we’ve just been going about our business without a lot of fanfare. Well, I guess that’s all about to change!

The Chicago Digital Access Alliance has news about some exciting and forward-looking projects it is hatching in the coming months.

10-29-10: The Conference!

CTCs: Partners in the Digital Access Movement

500 CTCs In Chicago - Public Technology Spaces

Editor's Note: Reprinted from Digital Access Update - Englewood Edition. July 2006 Issue. Copyright 2006 Pierre A. Clark and Digital Access Update. All Rights Reserved.

Teacher Antonia Stone created the first public access computer lab, Playing To Win, in Harlem in 1984, and at the same time launched the community technology center movement and the notion of CTCs as bridges across what was then recognized as an ever-expanding “digital divide”.

Chicago Digital Access Interviews

Community technologist and citizen journalist Michael Maranda of CTCNet Chicago/Chicago Digital Access Alliance conducted a series of interviews with ordinary Chicago citizens about how these citizens use digital tools and view digital access in Chicago. They shared some interesting and sometimes surprising views on a variety of digital access topics.

Among the interview subjects are:

Pierre Clark, FaithTech Network/Chicago Digital Access Alliance

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